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See what one of our satisfied customer says about Intolerance Lab…

Most intolerance conditions are associated with a particular food or drink you consume and so finding a remedy is simply a matter of avoiding the products that make you feel unwell.

However, with so many possibilities, only an intolerance test can 100% accurately reveal the truth.
It seems many doctors won’t prescribe the intolerance tests as a standard procedure, due to cost restraints on the NHS, so take the initiative and get tested anyway.

Even painful blood tests cannot reveal the true identify of any particular food intolerance… so why bother?

Our professional tests are 100% accurate and fully guaranteed
so you have absolutely nothing to lose whatsoever.

See what another one of our satisfied customers says about Intolerance Lab…

Now Discover Your Intolerances…

The Fast And Easy Way

Why suffer in silence?
Are you one of those people who just accepts living with a condition that blights your everyday life?
But Why? Didn’t you realise that you might never have to live with the pain or discomfort your condition brings you?
If we can help you pinpoint the cause, so you can simply avoid it, your life would change forever. Freedom and happiness awaits…
If you are affected by any of the conditions below, you could benefit from a personal intolerance test…

Plus all kinds of skin rashes, constipation and so many more irritable, uncomfortable and very embarrassing conditions and allergies.
Discovering your body’s intolerances couldn’t be easier.

Within just a few days of sending us your hair sample, you’ll receive a full and thorough analysis, together with a full list of recommendations.

You then simply follow the directions we recommend, until you have eliminated the suspected foods and other toxic substances.

This will then leave you with the main culprits, which for example, could be food additives, preservatives or household cleaning products

Intolerance Lab will carry out a full testing program on your hair sample, which might reveal a hidden food substance intolerance or a pet allergy, a dietary allergy or a household product allergy.

Intolerances and allergies are however, NOT the same. You could be affected by one or the other… or both.

A hair analysis test might reveal an intolerance to a specific type of food product, such as eggs or milk or something you would never otherwise be aware of.

Allergy Testing Can Reveal The Problems…
We Can Provide The Possible Solutions

Check out the lists  below to see for yourself the full range of food and non-food products we thoroughly test…

Why wait a moment longer? Haven’t you had enough of having to put up with your unwelcome, annoying problem? Simply find out the cause and eliminate it from your life forever.

For just £47 you could know what the potential causes are and be free of its debilitating effects within 6 weeks, or your money back.

Isn’t it worth finding out exactly where your problem lies?

Still not sure if our thorough testing process will work for you?
Well you don’t have to take our word for how successful our full testing service is…
Here’s what some of our very satisfied customers are saying about Intolerance Lab…

I took a food intolerance and mineral and vitamin deficiency test a couple of months ago as I was suffering from severe IBS symptoms.  
The symptoms were so severe that I had to rely heavily on painkillers to relieve the pain.
I was on the sick from work for months and had been to see the Occupational Health and Wellness Services who were unable to help me.
My results from this test showed I had a strong sensitivity to Gluten, Garlic, Onion and Avocado . Also, a mild sensitivity to brown sugar came up.
immediately avoided these foods and cut out certain tinned foods I was eating as instructed by the nutrition consultant and within 1 week I was back at work and a completely different person. No cramps, no bloating, no rushing to the toilet literally no issues.

William Manning,

This test is amazing! I was suffering from extreme acid reflux which drastically effected my daily life.
I was taking 8 Rennies every 24 hours and Omeprazole tablets which I got from the doctors and I was still suffering.
After I did the intolerance test I followed the advice and took out my trigger foods and added the recommended supplements and within two days the acid reflux had completely disappeared.
I feel like a different person and would definitely recommend this test for anyone with digestive issues!

Nicola Dixon,            

I was very pleased with the intolerance test and the results it turned up, this has enabled me to alter my diet and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments.
After working with the team of nutritionists I have solved the digestive issues I had and lost the necessary weight I needed to better my performance and overall felt in the best shape of my life.
I had already lost quite a lot of weight but always felt weak and not right for my training during dieting.
Being on the plan from IntoleranceLab made all the difference and helped me finish 4th in the Triathlon European championship 2016.
I'm hoping for a better result in Dusseldorf 2017

Kris Whitelaw,
Professional Tri Athlete
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This website and our hair analysis does not make a medical diagnosis nor any medical claims. The information on this site is intended to provide nuticional advice for dietary optimisation. Alergylab do not claim to treat or cure symptoms and any reports generated by the testing need to be discussed with a medical practitioner. Reliance on any information provided by this website is solely at own risk

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Get your hair tested and find out if you have any hidden food intolerances.

These could be the root cause of your problems.

Find out this week if your body has any hidden intolerances or not.

Our full testing package will analyse you sample against over 350 foods and 350 non foods.

All you have to do is send us a few strands of your hair about a thumbnail size sample is ideal.


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We don't just work with individual members of the public. We are the “go to” guys for many professional sports teams, gyms and professional trainers and athletes.

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Post your hair sample to our experts at the lab and wait 5-7 days for your life changing results.

Receive a detailed report letting you know what hidden allergies or intolerances you have. Follow our diet plan and start to feel great again.
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A new start… a new life… for just £47

We will not hesitate to make you a full 100% refund with no questions asked.

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* Terms and conditions apply

However, if after 6 weeks you are not completely satisfied with the results of our tests, our recommendations or anything else, then simply contact us and let us know.
We know you’ll be absolutely delighted with our service, which includes full testing and after sales support.
Within 6 weeks you could be completely free of your condition or at least managing it in a way that doesn’t impact on your day to day life.

Find out if you have any hidden allergies or intolerances.

Allergy and Intolerance are often confused or thought of as similar conditions when in reality they are very different. Allergy is an immediate, sometimes dangerous or life threatening reaction to a food or drink. This is often present from a young age and always involves antibody type IgE. Intolerance can be developed later in life and takes longer for symptoms to present themselves, making it more difficult to pin point the culprit food(s). Testing can be beneficial to discover the trigger foods and drinks quicker.

Some Health Insurance Providers will cover the costs. Contact your provider for more info.

We test for over 350 types of food including wheat , eggs , nuts etc.We also test for over 350 non food items like pet hair pollen and detergents. If you need a full list get in touch and we can get you one.

We dont test anybody under the age of six.

Optimum nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding is vital for mother and child. To reduce any possible risk to the mother or baby, it is IntoleranceLab protocol not to offer tests, advice or lifestyle changes during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.

The tests is as painful as plucking a hair from your body..

Your hair does not have to come from your head. It can come from your leg , arm even chest.

This will not have any effect on the results.

No our tests. Test your hair at a cellular level so there is no need for you to have been eating your trigger foods recently. They will still be found by our testing equipment.

These two tests are very different in what is tested, the process and the results. A blood test is testing for IgE mediated allergies and will only produce results listing reactions in the immunoglobulin system (these are estimated at only 2% of all allergies) Our hair sample test is examining changes at a cellular level because the latest science shows that up to 43% of allergies are in fact a reaction in T cells. The two tests are measuring totally different reactions and will produce totally different results.

We only offer hair sampling here at IntoleranceLab. Currently the main way of identifying the two types of allergies : IgE and Non IgE is on the reaction time from consuming or being in contact with the item. If you notice a reaction that is almost instant or within 2 hours max , you would normally consult with your GP and he might consider a blood test. These are normally essential for more serious allergies which fortunately only account for 2% of all allergies. If your reaction time is slower or you are unable to identify the link between your symptoms then it is more than likely you have a non IgE mediated allergy. In this instance , we would recommend our hair based non IgE mediated allergy test.

We have completed many specific tests for customers to help narrow down there allergies. This has included strange foods, supplements and medication as well as pet hair feathers and even leaves from house plants. Please call the hotline given after booking to discuss your specific needs.

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