Find out if you have any hidden
allergies or intolerances.

Find Out If You Have Hidden Food Intolerances

700+ items tested for only £47 & results back in 3 days.

Watch This Video

Watch This Video

Want to know if food is the cause of all your pain?

After you’ve eaten a meal, do you suffer from some painful attack or flare-up of some kind?

Wouldn’t mealtimes be so much better if you knew the culprit behind the problem so that you could avoid the pain and suffering altogether?

If you’re tired of the bloating, stomach pains, diarrhea, indigestion, and other symptoms, it’s time you check out The Intolerance Lab today!



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It is the ANSWER to your debilitating problem!


If the idea of living a healthy life is something you long for – to be free of any pain and awkwardness – then the Intolerance Lab test is precisely what you’re looking for.

All we need is several hair strands, and we can test for more than 700 food and non-foods listed in the database.


Here are a couple more people we have helped , click the videos to hear their stories.

By knowing exactly what might be causing your acid reflux, IBS or other symptoms. You can then avoid the triggers and lead a more normal and carefree lifestyle.

Quickly Learn About Your Intolerances…

The Fast And Easy Way

There’s No REAL REASON for you to SUFFER any longer!

Ask yourself this question

 “Am I happy with the way I am living right now?”

Chances are, you’re not happy suffering from intolerances.

And why would you be? 
When you’re in pain or feel less than your best, you can’t live life to the fullest!

What if you could change all that?

You absolutely can with the HELP of our Intolerance Test!

With our Intolerance Test, you can enjoy freedom once more.


food intolerance test and symptoms

These and so many other conditions can be the results of an intolerance to a food or non-food item.

This Intolerance Test Makes Identifying these Conditions So Much Easier.

All you need to do is buy the test at our store, and you’ll be emailed instructions on how to use it and where the sample needs to be sent. Within three days of us getting the sample, you’ll learn what items you’re intolerant to.

Anything with an 85 percent or higher chance of being problematic will be classed for you.  You could have a minute number of them or a significant number of them, but you’ll have an idea of which foods are causing you your debilitating problems.

Eliminate these foods for six weeks, have a food diary on hand, and take your life back!

Regardless of what your intolerance is, we will discover it and let you know what you should be avoided in the future. It's that simple!

Any of the above-listed symptoms (and more) can be linked back to something you eat or drink. By learning what foods, you need to avoid, you start to recover (to feel human once again).

You’ll Never Learn the Truth About Your Health Problems Without The Intolerance Test

It's time to start enjoying life again!

Most people use the method of trial and error to find what foods are problematic. Why waste your precious time doing this?

You cannot accurately learn what food intolerance you have through a blood test.

Most doctors would not perform a test because of their costs.

This is why you need to invest in the Intolerance Lab and get the answers for yourself!

Retake Your Life with The Intolerance Lab Test

Unsure if Intolerance Lab is right for you? If you’re still on the fence about whether or not the service is right for you, check out some of our customers’ reviews to see what they are saying:

Here’s what some of our very satisfied customers are saying about Intolerance Lab:

We offer a 100%, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!

* Terms and conditions apply

If six weeks pass and you’re not happy with the results, we will be glad to provide you with a refund when you let us know. We won’t ask any questions on why you’re unhappy. That’s the confidence with have in this product!

You’ll be happy with our service, testing and after-sale support. In just six weeks, you can free yourself of the debilitating condition that’s getting you down right now – manage it, so it doesn’t impact your life any longer!

Isn’t £47 worth it for a whole new life?

An Intolerance Test Will Allow You To Learn If You Have Any Hidden Food Intolerances

3 Steps To Becoming Free Of Your Intolerances Today


There are three steps to living a healthy, happy life once more. Just follow the instructions provided in the kit to begin the journey to that life today.

Order our comprehensive test to learn about any hidden intolerances. Get detailed emailed instructions on how to properly carry out the test and where it needs to be sent.


Send the hair sample to our experts and wait up to seven days to get your results.

Get your list of offending foods (85 percent or higher). Follow the diet plan we provide and begin to feel your best once more.


Professional Athletes Trust Us

We work with everyone who requests the Intolerance Lab test, including athletes and people who are enthusiastic about health and wellness. Many of the biggest industry names have endorsed our kit and services – Pinnacle, Amplify Fitness, UtilityWise, and Gym City Fitness Center, to name a few.

We are even used by people who don’t have any current issues but want to meet their fitness goals!



If you want to do the things you always want to do but without all the suffering that comes from consuming foods and drinks that cause you an array of health problems, then you need to allow yourself the opportunity to take back your life.

Intolerance Lab can do this for you!


Order the £47 test today risk free!

6 Ways We Deliver...

Time Frame

Price of Full Test

Foods Tested

Qualified Nutritionists


Do They Offer Basic Test


3 – 5 days




10 days



Test My

7 days



Test My

10 days




Time Frame  — 3 – 5 days

Price of Full Test — £47

Foods Tested  — 350+

Qualified Nutritionists


Do They Offer Basic Test


Time Frame  — 10 days

Price of Full Test — £244

Foods Tested  — 158

Qualified Nutritionists


Do They Offer Basic Test


Time Frame  — 7 days

Price of Full Test — £60

Foods Tested  — 300

Qualified Nutritionists


Do They Offer Basic Test


Time Frame  — 10 days

Price of Full Test — £54

Foods Tested  — 300

Qualified Nutritionists


Do They Offer Basic Test

Isn’t it worth finding out exactly where your problem lies?

Check out the lists below to see what we test for …

Get My Intolerance Test Underway!

Don’t delay… and don’t waste another precious moment of your life.

Full Testing Packages – 350 + Food & 350 + Non Foods

£47.00   £55.00

Happy Couple Testing Pack
(2x Full Tests)

£74.00   £84.00

Family Testing Service
(4x Full Tests)

£125.00    £150.00


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