Food intolerance?

Find out quickly why you
feel the way you do
– then fix it once and for all

Are food intolerances some of the most miserable illnesses ever?

Many of our customers think they are.

Tummy bloating, skin conditions,
frequent toilet trips, unexplained aches,
never-ending tiredness…

Without proper attention these things
just drag on for years, affecting every
part of our lives.

How many intolerances are there?

There’s hundreds.

From ordinary, every-day healthy foods
that are in our kitchens right now…

…to non-food items all around our homes
and workplaces – cleaning agents, pets,
furniture coverings.

But how on earth do you
untangle all this to find out
which ones are damaging to your body?

Food diaries and elimination diets are
difficult, require continuous discipline – and
they don’t track the hundreds of non-food
intolerances that might be the direct
cause of your symptoms.

So what can you do that’s clean, reliable,
tests food and environmental intolerances
– and can be done right now?

Like hundreds of thousands of
other people, you can test.

You test and so find out – quickly – what
your primary intolerances are.

You then confirm by eliminating them from
your diet.

If you don’t test you may never
know what is making you ill

Hair testing is everyone’s very best starting

Quick, clean and comprehensive.

Intolerance Labs’ Hair Testing method is the simplest intolerance test in the world.

Our process tests strands of hair to
identify the source of your illnesses
from a long list of 700 possible
intolerances. It’s clean, quick and

We test for 350 food intolerances and
350 environmental intolerances. Your
problem is in here somewhere!

We guarantee our results and our service.

If you’re less than absolutely delighted with either you can have your money back.

Send us 9 hair samples.

3 days after receipt you’ll receive a comprehensive listing of your own personal intolerances.

And our informative ebook explains how to cut down – or out – of your life those items that are making you ill.

Click here and we’ll let you know what to do next.

Our testing facility is a world-leader

Intolerance Lab testing is carried out with The MARS III – the most technically advanced hair testing apparatus on the planet.

And over a thousand customer 5-star reviews on TrustPilot and Facebook speaks for itself: our customers discover the underlying cause of their intolerances and fix their problems once and for all.
Ignoring your intolerance is not an option
What we don’t address gets worse. Intolerances are a downhill slope.

You need a starting place… and clean, quick and comprehensive hair testing is that starting place.

What do our customers gain from testing and eliminating?


A noticeably smaller stomach.


An end to unexplained skin complaints, sore joints and headaches.


No more gas or churning guts.


No more tiredness and low moods.

We know this for a fact - because they’ve wasted no time in telling us about it!
Do what they did. Enjoy the complete turnaround they enjoyed.

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