Home Hair
Testing Kit

Check for 1,085 Potential Food and Non-Food Intolerances in Seconds

No painful needles, no blood samples,
and no need to sit in a doctor’s waiting
room for hours. Our home intolerance
test kit gives you fast, affordable results
that put you on the road to recovery.


ENJOY EASY, COMPREHENSIVE HOME- TO- LAB TESTING AND ANALYSIS that covers 1,085 food and non-food items to reveal your body's intolerance from just a few strands of hair


STOP WONDERING AND WORRYING AND GET ANSWERS within three days with easy-to-read and understand results and 24/7 support from our team of medical professionals


AVOID CONFUSION WITH EASY-TO-FOLLOW DIRECTIONS included with your home intolerance test, so you know what to do to ensure you carry out the analysis correctly


YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED our refunds policy means that you can buy with no risk

Isn’t It Time You Stopped Suffering in Silence and Got Answers?

Ever suddenly felt poorly for no reason?
Perhaps your skin flares up out of the
blue, or you get splitting headaches for
no good reason.

You may even be suffering from
intermittent digestive issues that leave
you scared to leave the house, fearful of
an embarrassing incident that you’ll
never live down

You’re not alone – up to 20% of the
world’s population suffers from food
intolerance, with millions more suffering
from non-food intolerances that make
their life a misery.

In the UK alone, there has been a ID-fold
increase in people suffering from a non-
allergic hypersensitivity to food or non-
food products. In other words, your body
reacts in a negative way to a particular

Worse, unlike allergies, reactions from
intolerances are often delayed.
This makes it harder to know what is
causing it – and your doctor may simply
not take your complaint seriously.

Luckily, you can get answers, and sooner
than you think.

Get Painless Answers with the Intolerance Home Hair Testing Kit

Knowing what that item is, means that
you can isolate it – and remove a source
of discomfort from your life.

The Intolerance Home Hair Testing Kit is a
simple, fast, and effective way to got
answers by testing for 1085 different
potential intolerances:

350 food item including tree nuts dairy, gluten spices, and caffeine
350 non-food items including household detergents dust mites, dog hair, cat hair,and pollen
300 E-numbers and food additives found in everyday food brands available at your local supermarket
85 vitamins and minerals such as iron iodine, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 which you may be deficient in
Knowing what your intolerances are, you can start to eliminate the substances your body rejects and start on the road to recovery.

All you need to do is send your hair
sample and wait three days to get your
easy-to-understand results You will also
enjoy the support of our team of medical
professionals ready to answer any
questions you might have

Stop Suffering:
Get the Intolerance
Home Hair Test Kit Today

It’s time to empower yourself with a voice when it comes to your health care by getting to the root of your issue. We care about your health — so if you’re not satisfied with the results, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

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