Food intolerance?

Find out quickly why you feel the way you do – then fix it once and for all

Are food intolerances some of the most miserable illnesses ever?

How many intolerances are there?

There’s hundreds

From ordinary, every-day healthy foods that are in our kitchens right now… …to non-food items all around our homes and workplaces – cleaning agents, pets, furniture coverings. A couple of these are directly causing the symptoms I just listed. 

But how on earth do you untangle all this to find out which ones are damaging to your body?

Like hundreds of thousands of other people, you can test.

You test and so find out – quickly – what your primary intolerances are. You then confirm by eliminating them from your diet.

If you don’t test you may never know what is making you ill 

  • Hair testing is everyone’s very best starting place.
  • Quick, clean and comprehensive.
  • Identify once and for all your underlying intolerances and actually do something about them.


Intolerance Labs’ Hair Testing method is the simplest intolerance test in the world.

We guarantee our results and our service. If you’re less than absolutely delighted with either you can have your money back.

Send us 9 hair samples.

  • 3 days after receipt you’ll receive a comprehensive listing of your own personal intolerances.
  • And our informative ebook explains how to cut down – or out – of your life those items that are making you ill.
  • You can start bringing an end to your intolerance symptoms today.

Click here and we’ll let you know what to do next.


Our testing facility is a world-leader

Click below and start fixing yours. Restore your health – and maintain it for life! And get it done in just days…

Ignoring your intolerance is not anoption

What we don’t address gets worse. Intolerances are a downhill slope. You need a starting place… and clean, quick and comprehensive hair testing is that starting place.

What do our customers gain from testing and eliminating?

A noticeably smaller stomach.

No more gas or churning guts.

An end to unexplained skin complaints, sore joints and headaches.

No more tiredness and low moods.

Instead they enjoy

A sharper mind and more focus

An improved memory.

Much, much more energy

A vastly stronger sense of cheerfulness and wellbeing

We know this for a fact - because they’ve wasted no time in telling us about it!

Do what they did. Enjoy the complete turnaround they enjoyed. Get started now by clicking here.

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